Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Flickr Inspiration

Oh how I love the Spring season.
Here is some pretty Spring inspiration I found on Flickr.
Enjoy the pretties!
1) Spring Buttons from Warm n’ Fuzzy
2) Fabric for Spring Dresses from Lottie Lulu
3) Little Spring Flowers from Gina M. Studio
1) Spring Quilt form Lulu Lolly Legs
2) Spring Babette Blanket to Be from Moline
1) Spring Quilt from Lulu Lolly Legs
2) Spring Fling Quilt from Twiddletails
Such pretty fabrics & designs.
Spring is definitely my favorite time of year.
It’s not too hot.
Not too cold.
Just right!
Plus, there is just SO MUCH color associated with Spring.
I love to be outside and just soak it all in :)
I have a question for you….
Where do you find inspiration?
I would love to hear your thoughts.
I almost forgot, Happy St. Patty’s day!!
Don’t forget to wear green ;)
Enter to win a super cute beanie HERE!
{ends Friday}

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