Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's all about Applique

Okay I am super obsessed with applique right now….can you tell?   I have been on the hunt for cute (FREE) applique patterns that I can use. I have been successful in finding several, and decided to share the wealth!  These blogs also have a ton of other fun crafty/sewing projects they have been so kind to share.
Rocket Ship & Planets Applique Download from Don’t Look Now.  She used these for a pillow, but you could easily use for a tee for your little guy! SUPER CUTE!!
Tie & Guitar Applique for onsies, from Trey & Lucy.  These are easy to make bigger with a copier!
Owl, Monkey, Duck, Bird,  & Cupcake Appliques from Amazing Mae.
Lady Bug from Peppermint Patcher.
Cupcake & Skirt pattern from Lil Blue Boo.
Tons of freebie applique patterns from Wee Folk Art.
Too cute for words Flowers w/ribbon stems from Store & Style.
Octupus, Rocket, & How to’s from Crap I’ve Made.
Cupcake & Bunny from Lolly Chops.
Starfish from Samster Mommy.
Easiest Applique Tutorial from Pretty Partridge.
Reverse Applique Monogram with Tiny Decor.
How adorable are those patterns?  I love them….and all the blogs as well.  If you have found any other cool applique patterns, please do share by leaving me a comment!
Happy crafting and sewing!

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