Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sharing is Caring-Tutorial Links

re you super surprised, I am posting two days in  a row? HA! I have found several tutorials & new blogs that have been added to my lists…(never ending lists).  I decided to be a doll, and share.  Let’s get to it..shall we?!
wait not done w/her blog yet.
(I love how this post is called “Getting Back at the Dryer”)
Ready for another one?
Multiple projects, one blog, my favorite :)
I also want to try the following:
Sutton Grace Blog
Craft Stylish Blog
Nap Time Crafts Blog
Happy Together Blog
There are more I would love to share.
But I am worn out…so they will have to wait for another post.
I swear my blog roll & To Do List is never ending.
There are so many amazing crafty folks out there.
Chalk full of inspiration!
I hope you have found something you will be able to add to your TO DO LIST.
I have a post planned for tomorrow.
Be sure to check back, K.

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