Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tutorials for your handmade biz

Okay, this tutorial link post is dedicated to items for a handmade biz.
Owning and running a handmade biz can get pretty pricey.
You need business cards,  sewn items need labels, etc.
If your already crafty why not do some of these things yourself?
Some of these things are just too easy not to do yourself.
First off is the inspiration for this post:
from Saltwater Kids.
This is seriously an awesome idea, for reals!
Here is an Eco Friendly option from Handmade News
Crafting  A Green World shows you several Eco Friendly Tag options:
Labels are another need for sewn items. They can be super pricey.
Here are several different label options how to’s
Ribbon Label from Silly Gilly
Twill Tape Labels from Patchwork Pottery
Fabric Labels from Sew Take a Hike
Packaging is also something to think about.
I warp my goods in tissue paper and seal with a custom label that says Thank You and my biz name.
There are so many amazing packaging ideas.
Some depend on the type of item you make and sell.
Here are a few cool ideas for different products.
Magdoline shows us how to wrap Soaps.
Daniellexo gives you an array of packaging ideas on The Storque
Hmmmm, something to definitely work on.
#1 MUST HAVE for any biz big or small…..Business Cards.
Epheriell Designs shows you how to make your own with a “FLIP”
Crafting A Green World gives multiple options that are Crafty, Thrifty & Eco Friendly.
You can also use the Hang Tag Tutorial from the beginning of this post to make business cards.
Hope this post was helpful to someone!
Enjoy :)

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