Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Handmade for Teacher

Now that I have my first child in Kindergarten I have got to make a little something for his teacher(s). He actually has 2 teachers. As well as the school nurse…who he know well (like daily basis well).  Let me explain the whole nurse thing, my son has some pretty excessive food allergies, asthma, and horrible horrible eczema.  So he is generally pretty itchy, and needs lotion applied to him during the school day, as well as a dose or 2 of benedryl. Fun right?  Not so much….poor little guy!  So……I will be making a little something for the ladies he spends the day with Mon-Fri.  (all day Kindergarten…woot woot!!).  Now that I have got that out of my system =)  I have posted the tutorials I think would make awesome gifts for Teachers.  The bookmarks I posted in a previous post would be great!  So would these lanyards, for keys, or ID’s. Check out Don’t Look Now for the tutorial on how to make these babies!
Here is another key fob tutorial from The Idea Room. I really like this one, and how it incorporates ribbon.(I am starting to have quite a collection of ribbon).
I also love this idea of giving the teachers fabric apples! Take a peak at Grace Violets blog…..they are so cute. I am loving the fabrics she chose.   Look at the easy way she packaged them too.  She used UK Lass’s tutorial as a guide.
The good ole coffe cup cozy is a good go to as well.  House on Hill Roadhas good PDF of one.  You can embellish them with buttons, ribbon, or even fabric flowers. You can make the flowers detachable or into a pin(double duty gifting right there!  Here are a few different versions of fabric flowers I like. These from Sew Ritzy are great.
Or these from Green…. it’s the new blue.  These are a little flatter so would work better on a cup cozy. I love the button middle(I have a ton of buttons too).
Who wouldn’t LOVE these flowers from Boutique NutMeg Designs.  She even added  leafs, and shows it added to a purse….super cute!!
Fabric flowers could be made into pins, magnets, or just simply attached to something….anything really.
I got a little sidetracked there…oopsie!  Lunch bags are another good idea. Here are a few different versions of them.
Sewing Notations shares how to make a squarish bottom hobo lunch bag.
Fireflies and Jellybeans makes a reusable lunch bag out of a tea towel.
Lastly, Blissful shares a tutorial on how to make a zippered top lunch bag.If your an overachiever this is the bag for you!
You can make a lunch bag and throw a few of the other goodies inside! I think that may be the route I may to take.  Add 3 more gifts to my handmade list.  Do you have any good teacher gift ideas to share? Leave a comment….pa-lease! I love getting comments.  It’s fuel to blog…..ya know what I mean?!  Later gators!!

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