Wednesday, February 16, 2011

For the love of yard sales

Yards Sales are a common Saturday activity for my family {as long as the weather is nice}.
I am fortunate that my hubby loves to go just as much as me, if not more.
Together we find some amazing items, at amazing prices.
Most of the time {but not always} I spot the item I want and tell him how much I would be willing to spend.
At that point Sir Cheap-O does the haggling :)
This weekend we got a late start.
The first house we pulled up to, I spotted something amazing.
Hubs got out of the car while I stayed in with the kids.
I saw him scoping out the same item I spotted.
He came back to the car and I asked how much it was, apparently it said “Make an Offer”.
So I told him I would be willing to spend $20, that’s it.
Off he went to do his thing {he is really good at the haggling part, since he’s super cheap}
He started out with a $10 offer.
The lady countered with $30.
You see where I’m going here…..We got it for $20.
Check it out!
With some sanding, some paint, and pretty crystal knobs.
{All of the work was done thanks to hubby}
We ended up with this:
PS: Please excuse picture taken by my phone.
Love, love, love the outcome!
Now we need to get it upstairs in the little girlies room.
Unfortunately, I am having some issues with my back and can’t lift anything.
So at the moment it’s chilin’ in the dining room.
Have you found any awesome goods at yard sales, or thrifting lately?
Leave me a link, I love to see good deals, and transformations of said good deals.

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