Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Halter Dress Tutorial

*************************HALTER DRESS TUTORIAL****************************
First off you need to gather your supplies:
{1 yd fabric, scissors, thread, ruler, elastic}
You will need to measure your little one.
-Measure the chest & divide in  1/2.  Then add  1/2  of new measurement plus 2 more inches.
{my daughter’s was 22″ so then divide by 2 which comes to 11″ plus 8″ = 19″}
-Then measure the length; from shoulder to desired length of dress.
Add 1″ to this if not using a serger.
{my daughter’s was 22″. I am using a serger}
-Cut out your front and back panels of the dress.
(Mine were 22″ long x 19″ wide}
-Fold one piece in 1/2 WST, then cut armholes.
Fold back piece in 1/2 and line up next to front piece.
Cut back piece along the bottom armhole of front piece.
If using a serger, serge the top and bottoms seams, as well as armholes on front piece.
If your not using a serger you can zig zag stitch to finish the seams.
Now you need to fold armholes inward about 1/4″
and stitch.
Next you will fold down the top seam of the halter dress
and stitch.
Cut you elastic piece at 1/2 your chest measurement minus 3″
{so my daughters chest all around is 22″ divide in 1/2 11″ minus 3″ = 8″ piece of elastic}
Attach a safety pin to end of elastic piece.
Feed the elastic thru the back pieces casing.
Then stitch down the edge of the elastic on both sides.
So that it stays in place.
Line up back piece and front piece RST.
Pin only one side together.
Make sure bottom hem is lined up as well as top part.
Stitch up the side seam, and serge. {or finish seam with zig zag stitch}
Repeat these steps for other side of the dress.
Now you need to make the tie for the halter.
Cut a piece of fabric that is 26″ long x 2″ wide.
Yours may need to be shorter for smaller dress, or longer bigger dress.
Fold in each end of strip and press.
then fold the strip in 1/2, and press.
Next, open the folded piece and fold side in towards the 1/2, and press
then you will fold the strip in 1/2 once again, press, and stitch.
Attach safety pin to end of tie, and thread thru casing at top of the dress.
You will then fold the arm holes in again (just a bit) press,  and top stitch.
Now you need to finish the bottom hem.
Either your end is serged or has a zig zag stitch.
Fold hem in about 1/2″, press, and top stitch.
Guess what?! Your Finished…woohoo!
Try it on your little mama and take some pics cause I’d love to see :)
Hopefully my tutorial was clear enough.
If not feel free to email me so I can clarify.
You can also leave me comments about what you think of the dress :)
I like comments!!

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